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Rental Fulfillment Policy

A Perfect Party Rental Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  • DISCLAIMER ALL payments are final. Deposit amounts are non refundable and full payment follow the same policy. However if an order is canceled prior to the event date and Delivery then you still have access to the credit of your order amount up to 1 year from the original rental date.  Or as easy as changing the date of the rental within that year period. 
  • NOTE: That in online payment/ order process once you process your own payment you are agreeing to the price and the conditions of the rental. 
  • DISCLAIMER If weather should affect the event, please follow these directions: Have children exit immediately, turn off equipment, deflate the inflatable (Make sure that the inflatable deflates on itself and not onto fences, trees or other surrounding items), if equipment should become wet, completely dry the play surface prior to letting the children resume play.
  • Week of Rental Weather Policy: If the rental order is cancelled due to weather or other extenuating circumstances prior to delivery then we would provide a cancellation and credit to be used within 1 year of the Original rental Date. (Weather policy only applies after the monday before your rental and Must be 40% or higher for rain or inclement weather on the rental day- Temperature Hot or Cold does not Apply to weather policy. 
  • Day of Rental Weather PolicyEvent Company has no control of the weather and we are not meteorologist. Lessee should do their own research and make a decision based on their own knowledge. Event Company is a Rain or Shine company (unless deemed unsafe). To gain access to the credit allowance you must cancel your party by 3PM the day before Delivery- Event Company deems it unsafe to set up (high winds above 15-20 mph, lightning, etc.) if deemed unsafe then 100% of your PAID rental amount will be held as a credit to be used in full for your next rental within 1 year of the original rental date.
  • Once the items have been delivered if the equipment does not work we would First try to fix the issue on, we cannot always fix the problem immediately but rest assured we will do our very best to resolve the issue, we may try to walk you or a friend at the party through some steps while we try to get a team member to your location- on a case by case basis we may offer partial or full refund of the event depending on circumstances. 

      For questions please contact us by calling 480-255-5591 or by email at